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Carbon Monoxide ( CO ) awareness & advice

As the seasons change, and people start to heat their homes again, it’s more important than ever that people understand the potentially fatal risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

In fact fire safety is important all year round, but it is not always a household’s top priority. Data from surveys shows that the majority of households in the UK don’t have an audible carbon monoxide alarm, which could indicate that awareness levels are still desperately low.
Think you can’t be affected by carbon monoxide poisoning? Think again!
Basically, if you have any boiler, gas hob, wood-burning stove, open fire or any other fuel-burning appliance in the house, you, your family and your pets are at risk of accidental poisoning from carbon monoxide.
You can’t see, smell or taste it, it can be fatal, and because of their size, children are at greater risk of dying. The only reliable way of knowing it’s there is with an audible carbon monoxide alarm.

 A piece of advice I give to all my customers is the other bonus to having a decent 'CO' alarm. They are light and the majority are portable. When going on holiday, pack one in your suitcase and take it away with you. Place it in the room you will be sleeping in usually on a bedside cabinet I suggest. It is by no means a guarantee that you will stay safe but will provide a little reassurance when staying/sleeping away from home.