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A dedicated Chimney Sweep working throughout London and the surrounding Home Counties.

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As a trained 'Guild' Chimney Sweep I can also advise you on how to reduce the build-up of dirt in your chimney; talk to you about safe burning techniques and provide advice on a whole range of fire related issues. Log onto our 'BURNRIGHT' site and find out more on how to light an open fire or a wood burning stove correctly; tips on how to keep your glass clean and general guidance on all matters relating to the safe burning of coal & wood. Do you have a cowl on top of your terminal? Is it the right one? Do Birds nest in Chimneys, what Should you be looking out for?Give me a call to discuss any issues you may have, I don't mind having a chat even if you don't eventually book me for a sweep! 

 As mentioned If I'm unable to assist give me a call anyway - I will be able to refer you to a trusted colleague maybe a 'roofer' who install cowls or a 'Fitter', expert in Installations.

Providing a Competent Chimney Sweeping Services

Carrying out regular maintenance of your chimney and its flue system means that you can prolong its life as well as reducing the risk of fire. As part of the comprehensive service provided, we clean both domestic and commercial chimneys to remove the build-up of dirt. Furthermore, we take the utmost care when working at your property, and we use the most effective techniques including manual and power sweeping for all chimneys and wood burning stoves. This ensures the service is carried out swiftly and completed to a high standard. For added convenience we always 'smoke test' after every sweep and issue a safety certificate - a requirement from most UK insurance companies. We can also remove tar and creosote from very dirty chimneys and give advice on the causes of such build ups.

Contact me on 020 8033 4983 for additional information about the chimney sweeping services we provide

Proudly Serving Customers throughout  London and the Home Counties

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Removing Blockages from Your Chimney’s Flue

Depend on me to remove blockages from your chimney’s flue. Using rods and other specialised equipment I'm able to remove Birds nests and other obstructions. There is usually an extra charge for clearing blocked flues however pricing can be fully discussed before any work is undertaken. Remember a blocked flue can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning so if you have any doubts give me a call so I can investigate. For your peace of mind I can carry out a camera inspection which is especially useful if you believe there is an issue. I also provide safety/sweeping certificates for both landlords and homeowners. This is vitally important if you're ever in the unfortunate position of making a claim via your insurance company. 

Reduce the Risk of Carbon Monoxide

Ensuring your chimney’s flue is clear of all burnt contaminates significantly reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires in your property.